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Our Kabinets are of a high quality made out of moisture resistant MDF. Hardware is all Hafele or Blum and carries a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Designed and made-to-measure to fit your dental surgery, reception or office, our Kabinets will reflect the high quality of your dental equipment and enhance the professional appearance of your premises.

Key features are:

  • Prestigious modern appearance
  • Top quality hardware and fittings
  • Hygienic wipe-clean surfaces
  • Made to measure for you
  • Built and installed with care by our own staff

SSD Online Shop is one of the UK’s leading Dental Suppliers. Offering thousands of Dental Supplies and dental storage, available to buy online through us. Where you store your parts is just as important as the dental parts themselves. SS Dental provide dental storage cabinets, which are designed and made-to-measure to fit your dental surgery. Our dental cabinets are made of high quality resistant MDF and we do a range of three cabinets, Base Cabinets, Bespoke and Wall Cabinets. These will be hardwearing for the daily use of a dentist’s needs which can be easily cleaned with wipe down surfaces. Ordering through our dental shop means you can shop our wide variety of cabinets, with prices starting from £137.41, you won’t want to look anywhere else for your dental supplies.


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