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SS Dental Services are proud to introduce you to Simple & Smart.

Simple & Smart is the result of the idea of few Italian dentists, who were tired to pay large sums to purchase more and more complex and technological dental units. These units, definitely excellent in quality, have however two aspects that conflict with our vision: they are expensive to purchase and maintain, also having problems which are not easy to identify, due to the high level of technology contained into the unit. From these considerations rose the necessity and the idea, of making units which are simpler in technological content, with less electronics, which therefore means a reduction in purchase and maintenance costs.

After having achieved remarkable results in Italy, in 2015 we decided to turn our attention toward international markets that, in less than one year, confirmed us the great success of this idea.

Our goal, for the incoming years, is to go on developing products in this light, trying to meet, more and more, the needs of international markets such as the European, the Asian, the African and hopefully soon also the American one.

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Simple & Smart
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