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SS Dental Online Shop was formed so that the dental trade in the South West. Both engineers and dentists alike, could have access to the dental parts required to either carry out a first-class job or keep their surgeries working themselves.

SSDental can provide you help from the beginning of the sale to the very end when you receive the items and start using them in the South West and throughout the UK. We are very serious about customer service. Just as your customers demand the best from you so we will always go the extra mile to give you the same level of service that you give to them. If we do not carry a dental part you require we will always try our best to source it for you so if you are in any doubt about the part you need or if you would like us to source some spares for you than just email and we will do our best to help.

Dental Equipment in the South West

SSD Online Shop is one of the South West’s leading dental suppliers. Offering thousands of dental supplies and dental parts, available to buy online through us with our dental online shop. Below is a list of dental equipment we are currently selling, we only use highly trusted dental suppliers for your dentistry needs. It is important to have up to date high quality dental equipment to prevent breakage for your surgery. We stock everything from Dental Compressors and X-Ray imaging to water bottles, however if you’re looking for something specific, please feel free to use our Search Bar to see if we stock what you’re needing. SS Dental Online Shop want to help you any way we can, if you’re unsure on some items contact us and we’d be happy to talk to you about our products. We hope our dental online shop provides everything you need.

Dental Consumables in the South West

SSD Online Shop is one of the South West’s leading dental suppliers. Offering thousands of dental consumables, available to buy online through us. We only supply brands which provide quality dental consumables for your work. Brands we supply can include: Acteon, Bambi, Bien Air, Catani, Daray and Durr Dental, as well as many more. It’s important to stock dental consumables for your surgery especially items such as dental cleaning tools, disinfection System, instruments, sterilisation pouch rolls and disposable instruments. These are all dental parts that you will be needing for your dental surgery to run smoothly. If you’re a dentist in the South West looking for a reliable provider, SSDental will provide you the best quality around.

Dental Parts in the South West

SSD Online Shop is one of the South West’s leading Dental Suppliers. Offering thousands of Dental Supplies and dental parts, available to buy online through us. Every dentist’s surgery in the South West cannot function without parts, that’s why it’s imperative that you use dental parts and dental products you trust. Our dental online shop stocks everything you will need from tiny bulbs to tool parts for your dental surgery; we care for every minor detail. We can provide complex machines like Dental X-ray viewer and Dental foot controls which provides your clients with the highest level of work, you will need parts that will deliver what you need. SS Dental trusts that the parts that they sell lets you work effortless and comfortably. SS Dental Online Shop allows you to browse parts with ease and build your dental surgery until you are content. Some of the leading brands we use are Simple and Smart, NSK, Fona and Salli who we know will provide you the best dental products around.