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Well maintained dental equipment is essential to the smooth running of any dental practice. Dental equipment breakdown and dysfunction can lead to downtime that can become very costly for any dental surgery. Market leading dental equipment such as Vatech can set apart some modern dental practices from others – with dental chairs, X-ray and other equipment, such as sensors, evolving rapidly and becoming more business-critical than ever before in a competitive dental industry.

Reliability and functionality


For any busy dental practice unscheduled equipment downtime can cause significant disruption until successful management of the situation by an appropriate engineer. In some cases, extended periods of downtime and subsequently cancelled appointments can mar the reputation of the dental practice. Reliable dental equipment is essential to the smooth running of the practice with malfunction of larger pieces of equipment such as the dental chairs, that are important for practice performance, leading to accentuated inconvenience to both the dental practice and its clients. In a competitive industry it is critical that the expectations of clients are met with minimal disruption to the services provided.

Technological advancement in the dental industry is vital to modern dental practices with multi-functioning dental equipment pivotal to good practice, and patient experience and comfort. Powerful 3D X-ray equipment with panoramic images and multiple FOV, like the PaX-i 3D  provides the ultimate dental experience for the client and dentist whilst combining dental chairs and X-ray equipment, while the Vatech EzRay Chair provides comfort and minimal disruption to the client. With increasingly advanced technology will also be technological glitches, therefore, maintenance of key dental equipment is essential to ensure the smooth running of the practice and minimise potential disruption. In the same vein, maintenance of smaller pieces of equipment is equally important for the efficient running of dental practices. Specialised equipment is available for most dental surgery needs such as compact digital X-ray sensors, which are less invasive and cumbersome that larger pieces of equipment. The Vatech EzSensor comes in different sizes and is available with improved diagnostic value while the Vatech EzRay Air Wall has a 0.4mm focal spot. Sensors can enable high throughput of patients and a speedy diagnosis; therefore, servicing and maintenance are essential to minimise loss of practice time. The failure of both large and small pieces of dental equipment is immensely inconvenient for both the practice and the client.

Choosing the right equipment



First and foremost, researching a piece of dental equipment is essential to making an informed decision prior to purchase. If dental X-ray equipment is required with multiple FOV and panoramic imaging you may for example consider the Vatech PaX-i with an exclusively designed sensor for cephalometric diagnosis. Like the Vatech PaX-i the Vatech PaX-i Insight offers two image sizes, LAT and full LAT, you can choose one of them based on the purposes of your diagnostic needs.

In some cases space is an issue, the Vatech EzRay Chair is more compact taking up less space, the correct decision in relation to the purchase of dental chairs is essential. When considering smaller pieces of dental equipment, such as sensors, there are many choices – some are more comfortable for the patients and reduce pain Vatech EzSensor Soft, whilst ultra-slim models provide good positioning in the patient’s mouth Vatech EzSensor Classic and others provide high resolution Vatech EzSensor HD. Technological advancement has also enabled the improvement in patient and operator safety in relation to radiation distribution. The Vatech EzSensor Air Portable limits radiation exposure in the form of an external and internal shield reducing and limiting the risk of radiation exposure.

With the increase in technology comes a rise in the type of products now available and for some, this can be a minefield. SSD Group have excellent relations with clients and can provide product information and reviews that fit with the dental practice requirements to aid the process of supply, delivery, maintenance and repairs. A robust dealer-manufacturer relationship is important to ensure that there is a consistently high standard of parts knowledge, in addition to repair or replacement expertise.

Steps to minimise disruption

To reduce the risk of dental downtime, preventative measures are necessary and an ongoing maintenance plan is required. Preventative planning will ensure that equipment is regularly serviced and kept in good working order overall, optimising levels of performance and overall life span.

Working with a market leading, professional support team will guarantee the support received is exceptional. SSD Group provide a wide range of services including the supply of dental equipment and our team of engineers provide maintenance and support of dental equipment, working with you to provide only the very best dental services for you and your clients.