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Dental equipment

Most modern dental practices are equipped with a wide range of dental equipment ranging from motorised dental chairs such as the SS Kiss and the SS One; to mobile X-Ray Scanners such as the Vatech EzRay Air Portable and state-of-the art X-ray scanners like Vatech PaX-i 3D and the Vatech Green 16. Each piece of dental equipment is designed to suit the professional needs of a dental surgery to meet with the specific requirements of the dentist in order to examine and treat the client as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Dental equipment is built with precision to provide longevity and fulfilment of its obligations. In this regard, financially there may be a considerable outlay by the dental practice and therefore, maximum functionality and durability are essential. However, if maintained to a high standard, dental equipment can last approximately 10-15 years. Unfortunately, lack of maintenance and servicing of some pieces of equipment will lead to loss-of-use whilst the problem is investigated.

The break-down and extended loss of use of dental equipment cannot only be inconvenient, but also costly to a dental practice. Often, such issues can be avoided, therefore, it is important that modern dental practices have a servicing system in place to ensure that key pieces of dental equipment are regularly serviced in order to prevent dental service disruption.

Dental equipment servicing

The SSD Group pride themselves in high-quality dental engineering services. Our services include, but are not limited to, assembling, installing and maintaining electrical and mechanical parts, including any required modifications. We will then continue to provide regular servicing to ensure that the dental equipment is maintained to a high working standard at all times, thereby, preventing or indeed minimising dental practice disruption due to faulty equipment. Our engineers are skilled in preventative measures and will provide a full servicing programme, including certification and service reports. Our in-house SSD Group engineering team are fully trained and competent in the field of dental equipment engineering, strictly adhering to the guidelines provided by the manufacturers.

SSD Group will set up a servicing programme ensuring that we contact you to schedule any maintenance works at the required intervals, ensuring peace of mind for our customers. Let us carry the burden of ensuring your dental equipment remains compliant to regulations and adhere to health and safety regulations and leave you to focus on the dental care of your clients.

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