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SS Dental is your number 1 for your Dental Parts. We provide our customers with the best quality Dental Consumables, Dental Parts and Dental Equipment. We only want to provide our customers with best Dental Brands around, so that your patients receive the best Dental Care around.

We’re an online Dental Shop, offering a wide variety of options to browse from. We start from tiny screws to fitting your dental surgery. We use high quality tradesmen and are with you through every step and decision you make for your surgery. We never leave a customer unsatisfied, which is why we’re you’re go to for buying Dental Parts online

If you have doubts about the part you need or if you would like us to source some spares for you, or search for the specific item you’re after then just email and we will do our best to help.

We have partner engineers all around the UK

SS Dental are not only an online dental shop we’re also able to fit any part or fittings throughout the UK. We only use the best engineers for your surgery, so that you and your clients both receive the best care around.

We collaborate with select companies, and tradesmen who have been vetted by us to meet our quality standard for your dental equipment needs. Our understanding of the medical and dental sector enables us to take on the management of the projects enabling you to concentrate on your patients, safe in the knowledge it will be done right.

All our dental parts are online for you to view, along with our dental equipment, dental consumables and dental parts. If you’re interested in anything you see or would like more information please feel free to contact us regarding building services.

Why getting the right equipment is important

It’s important to get the right dental equipment for your surgery and SS Dental believe that we make the process of purchasing products easy and simple to do. That’s why SS Dental online stock high quality dental parts, equipment and consumables for our customers. With trusted names such as Bambi, Cuttani, Durr and many more. We can also provide servicing to your dental equipment, dental parts and dental consumables. We cover the whole of the UK for servicing.

Buying online for dental products can be extremely cost effective, that it why SS Dental pride themselves in having a wide range of products on our online dental shop. It is also important that your dental products are in check with the latest regulations. With the 1998 regulation we ensure that all dental products must have ‘CE’ on them, which means that the product has been made to the highest of quality. This means that you are using products that have been fail proofed. It is our duty to ensure that all our online dental products have met the standard requirements.

If you would like to know more about the dental parts that we stock, or you’re looking for something in particular, that you can’t find on our online dental shop you can always contact us directly.¬†

Benefits of having an online dental shop

The reason why we decided to create an online dental shop is because we know how much time and effort goes into supplying your surgery with the right¬† dental equipment. We wanted to create a platform where you’re able to get high quality dental products online with trusted brands. The only thing we cannot provide is fitting your parts on your clients!

We provide you with screws all the way to fittings. You can get everything you need online, which saves you time finding the right dental products. You can keep everything in your basket and take your time with finding the right products. We leave you to take time and to make sure that you have everything you need. That’s what makes an online dental shop so great. Buying your dental equipment online, leaves you with a peace of mind. We hope that you find the dental parts that you’re after and if not, let us know and we can see what we can do!